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Saratoga Soapstone Little Rock, AR

If you are looking for something dramatic and different, Soapstone can provide an alternative to traditional stone. Softer colors with light flowing veins are the result of being quarried naturally with no synthetics. For more dramatic color variations, Soapstone can be waxed using a specialized all-natural and organic, non-yellowing wax to achieve those results.

As you explore the countertop options for your home, evaluate if Saratoga Soapstone® is the right material to complete your design vision. In the Little Rock area, it is exclusively offered by Hoffman Kitchen & Bath.

The softness of Saratoga Soapstone allows it to be sanded by woodworking sandpapers and abrasion materials and/or techniques to finish or alter its surface for a more customized installation. Although this unique product is softer than other options, from a durability perspective it was traditionally used as laboratory table-tops in chemistry labs for high resistance to chemical damage and moisture.

Our team of experts at Hoffman Kitchen & Bath are ready to help and have the knowledge to sort through the options available for your project. If you have not thoroughly explored the choices for your Little Rock area home, have a representative from Hoffman visit your home and with a variety of samples to choose from.  

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