Saratoga Soapstone Countertops

Hoffman Kitchen & Bath exclusive Saratoga Soapstone® has a unique color palette for kitchen countertops. A traditional use of soapstone was the laboratory table top in chemistry labs. That application alone should serve as a great testimonial to the chemical resistance of soapstone countertops, so you should have no reservations using it for a kitchen. Saratoga Soapstone® is one of the softer varieties of stone types and is not known for it’s a high abrasion or scratch resistance, yet soapstone has been used as a kitchen countertop material for many years. In fact, the softness allows soapstone countertops to actually be sanded by wood working sandpapers and abrasion materials to finish and/or repair its surface should it become damaged. Saratoga Soapstone® countertops are very heat resistant and is also highly recommended for fireplace surrounds and other applications where it could potentially be exposed to high heat. Additionally, when oiled, or waxed, soapstone will have an even more dramatic color variation. If you are looking for a unique stone for your kitchen remodel, consider using Saratoga Soapstone® for you kitchen countertops.

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