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Saratoga Soapstone OKC & Edmond, OK

Saratoga Soapstone®, sold exclusively in the OKC and Edmond area by Hoffman Kitchen & Bath offers an option for homeowners seeking a unique choice. It is desirable for its durability, but its appearance is what sets it apart from other commonly used materials. When installed and used in its completely natural state, this is an easy-to-clean and maintain product.

Because it is quarried naturally without synthetics, the result if softer colors with light flowing veins that can be an alternative to traditional stone options. While it is desirable for the soft palette, if you want more dramatic color variations to fit your design, the Soapstone can be waxed using a specialized all-natural and organic, non-yellowing wax.

Although it has been used for a countertop material for many years, Soapstone is not known for its high abrasion or scratch-resistance. Instead, the softness allows it to be sanded by abrasion materials or woodworking sandpapers alone or in combinations with other techniques to finish or alter its surface.

While Soapstone is considered softer than other options, when you consider that its traditional use was the laboratory table-top in chemistry labs because of the high resistance to chemical damage and moisture, you gain better perspective on how tough it can be as a material. Beyond the durability, the exclusive Saratoga Soapstone® colors offered by Hoffman Kitchen & Bath can help you create the custom feel you want for your space.

Like any materials you are considering, take the time to learn more about each choice to see if it is the best fit for your design preferences and lifestyle. You have many choices for countertops in your OKC or Edmond area home, so learn more about how Soapstone can transform your space with a unique, functional option. Our team of experts at Hoffman Kitchen & Bath are ready to help and have the knowledge to help you sort through the choices available.

Our Edmond showroom serves the entire OKC market including El Reno, Bethany, Yukon and Piedmont.

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