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30 Jun 18

Soapstone, like granite, is a natural stone that is quarried. It is softer than most rocks thus used for carving. It comprises of a lot of talc, giving it that soft, powdery feel and milky look. Other than carvings, soapstone can be used for countertops and is ideal owing to its low cost compared to granite. Below are some of the pros of using soapstone for countertops;

  • Beauty

    Soapstone has a variety of lovely natural patterns and shades (Church Hill, Barroca, Stormy black and Ipanema reserve), depending on where the rock was mined. It also gives a warm feeling to the kitchen owing to its high talc content and powdery feel. Mineral oil can be applied to give it a darker look. This, however, is not to maintain or protect the stone. It is simply for aesthetic purposes. Wax does the same and lasts longer but takes more effort to apply.

  • Durability

    While the softer variety of the stone is used for sculpting, a harder type is available for tables and stoves. It is resistant to scratches and impervious to chemicals and liquids. This quality ensures that it can last for centuries.

  • Heat resistance

    Unlike wooden or polystyrene countertops, soapstone is unaffected by heat. You can take a sauce pan directly from the stove and onto the countertop without worries. This quality adds to its durability. You can be sure that no scorch marks shall ever appear on your soapstone countertop.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Though the actual slab is not exactly cheap, installing it is so easy that you can do it yourself.

  • Workability

    It is very easy to work on a soapstone countertop since you need not worry about burns (it is a natural insulator). Also, it is not affected by spills, does not stain and is easy to clean. A simple wipe with a dishrag will do the trick.

  • Density

    This stone is impervious to all sorts of spills, including acidic liquids (wine and vinegar). This contributes to its workability and durability.

  • Is a healthy option

    Since soapstone requires no chemical finish, it is safe to work on while cooking. It is all-natural and no varnish or sealers of any kind will be introduced into your home.

  • Aging

    The stone ages evenly and naturally, producing a dark shade of its initial color. This is due to oxidation of the mineral components in there. This quality gives it a rustic and traditional look.

  • A wide variety of textures

    Depending on your preference, soapstone is available in a soft variety that can be polished to a shiny smooth finish. For a more natural look, you can choose a slightly rough variety which is non-polished. Either way, the rock is still beautiful.

  • Easy to maintain

Soapstone countertops need little maintenance since their aging adds to the beauty. However, occasional sanding of scratches and chips may be done to maintain that new look.


In case you would like to sell your house, new soapstone countertops boast of 50% to 80% ROI once sold.


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