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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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02 May 19


The kitchen remodel has become more and more expensive over the years. Nowadays, the endeavor could set you back thousands of dollars to get the premium finishes and the most in-demand materials. For the homeowner who has a little to spend for a kitchen that desperately needs remodeling, there is always the option to use salvaged items.

Aside from saving you the expensive cost of the modern remodel, antiques and salvaged items have a characteristic type of beauty that can only be found in using such. There are plenty of ways to reimagine second, third or even fourth-hand items so that they are totally transformed, and here are some;

Reclaimed wood

A lot of the kitchen is made using wood, therefore you stand to make big savings by going with reclaimed wood. Every inch of your kitchen can be made from reclaimed wood. From the fire place to kitchen furniture and cabinets, you could go for wood that has been repurposed. Aside from the rustic look that is always welcome to give the kitchen an edge, there is also the fact that designs can be personalized to a great extent. You may find it hard to reuse the cabinets if you want them moved to a new area especially if they were built onsite. Such cabinets often have no backs and are hard to take apart without completely damaging them.


This is another area where the newest items in the market go for exorbitant prices due to the new developments adopted in the industry. Using old lighting fixtures would be a great way to skip the costs. Old garage lighting fixtures or those from the attic that have ceased to work as like they used to can be used creatively in the kitchen. The other way to beat high costs is to use multi-purpose lighting whenever you can. These will save you the cost of buying more lights than you need.

Decorative structures

This is yet another aspect of the remodel that will rack up the costs if you are not watchful. You shouldn’t be thinking about spending money on decorative fixtures when the goal is to save money. Corbels and other structures that give your kitchen character can be reused or made from repurposed materials. Get creative with what materials you have to work with.

Windows and doors

These are the easiest parts of the kitchen to replace. Find old doors and windows in a salvage store. You may find it hard to get matching items but whatever you find should work just as well.

The quirky look of a kitchen remodeled from salvaged items is one of the things that add to its appeal. With a little polishing and resizing here and there, you will find that a lot of items sitting in the pile of unwanted things in the garage actually have a home on your kitchen countertops or any other place. There are many more ideas you could apply touching on every area of the kitchen; it all depends on what savings you are looking to make.

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