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01 Jun 19

A basement remodel cost can range from $6,500 to $18,500 and the ROI can be an attractive 69%. Whether you are planning to remodel your basement for the comfort of your home or have resale plans, it is always well worth it. Here are a few ideas you can apply to get your basement looking glamorous and put it to good use;

  1. Turn it to a bedroom

    A basement can be turned into anything you desire, instead of having it lying around and storing junk in there, so how about creating a room for a sibling who has outgrown sharing a room or for guests who love sleeping over? It is especially a good idea if you want an extra sleeping area and don’t have enough room.

  2. Create a home theater

    Immerse yourself in a movie at the comfort of your home. Having a home theater will save you the hustle of visiting a movie theater to watch your favorite movies. A basement is relatively dark, which means you can install architectural lighting on the ceiling to give it a movie theater vibe. To complete the home theater, don’t forget to add carpeting so that it can tap the sound.

  3. Add a wine cellar

    There is nothing better than swigging some red wine while relaxing at home with your significant other or a couple of friends. You can turn your basement into a wine cellar in which you can add a wine rack to showcase some of your favorite wines. Install good insulation and ventilation systems. Have a perfect air conditioning and refrigeration system, and ensure there is good lighting as well to create a great environment.

  4. Convert the basement into a home bar

    If you constantly have friends coming over, then turning your basement into a home bar could be the ideal solution. You can use it to host dinner parties as well.

    Whether you prefer a traditional, futuristic or simple sports-bar look, there is always a professional out there to help you get it done.

  5. Upgrade it to a children’s play room

    Creating a game room for your children could be a great source of entertainment for them especially during the winter. Install board games and cabinets for laser toys. Bringing in book shelves and painting stuff for art and craft also adds to the fun. Your kids can invite friends over for games on their consoles. You can also create a basketball court if the basement is spacious enough.

  6. Install a fireplace and turn it to a living room

Enjoy some quality family time in your basement or simply read your favorite book while enjoying a bottle of beer by the fireplace on a chilly day. Decorate the basement with different patterns and styles or matching furniture, depending on your sense of taste.

There are endless approaches to renovating your basement, from turning it to a gym to renting it out to a bachelor tenant. If you need more inspiration or have decided on what you want to do with your basement, how about finding out what our professionals can bring on board?

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