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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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30 Jul 19

Everybody likes a good home renovation but if you are taking ideas from HGTV for your home renovation, you might never get started on that project. Homeowners are always apprehensive when taking on these kinds of projects because the budget can easily go bust. We have been doing these kinds of renovations for years, installing kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities for years. You can trust us when we tell you that we have a good idea where the budget starts going out of control. We have a few tips to help get you that kitchen remodel you admire so much without breaking the bank.

1. Think efficiency not size

Home improvement shows are always about bigger, bigger, bigger, but you shouldn't buy into this standard of a remodel. If you know your kitchen well, then you should focus mainly on making it work better. As the times change, you find that a new layout in the kitchen would absolutely improve things. Think about increasing storage on horizontal planes so that you have a few drawers where you only had one. When you make maximum use of your kitchen, then you won't need that square footage that often skyrockets the budget. Upgrades like dividers, lazy Susan's, pull-out trays for your pots can all be installed wherever possible. These will probably set you back $35,000 which makes you enormous savings considering that the cost of expanding a kitchen can go up to $95,000.

2. Get what you can from your contractor

You can always ask your contractor or sub-contractor if they have some odds-and-ends left over from other projects. Your contractor can be a phone call away from a whole stock of left overs, even from other contractors. This can make you a lot of savings especially if you intend to do renovations on the floors. Wood flooring often just needs some sanding and refinishing and you might just have the wood floors you wanted, no cash down; if they are able to get you such a deal, your contractor can save you thousands of dollars in materials. You could end up spending about $10,000 on a projected that you expected to spend upwards of $20,000 on if you choose to use discards from another project.

3. Schlepp your own materials

You don't have to incur extra costs for having materials delivered when you can get them yourself. You don't necessarily need a pickup truck when you can get a trailer for cheap and attach it to your SUV. Ensure you get one that is large enough to at least carry materials 4-by-8 in dimension flat.

4. Look-alikes will save you money  

There are imitations that make sense especially when it comes to wood quality. Lyptus is one of those that are worth, considering the hardwood looks and feels like mahogany. You can get these for your floors and cabinets and save money while keeping the look you want.


There is always a way to save money on your remodel; you just have to look at every aspect of your remodel and see where you can make the savings. The enthusiastic DIYer will make the most savings with all the repurposed materials they have at their disposal.

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