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21 Jul 19

An open-concept kitchen is one of those home improvement projects that can open up your living areas in more ways than you imagined. They may not be the type of thing that absolutely anyone can have in their home but those who can find that the kitchen plan can change the whole space significantly. After some number-crunching, we realized that more and more people are choosing the open-plan kitchen for their kitchen remodel and for good reason. This is clearly a home remodel trend that is going to stay even though it was first thought to be a passing fad. So, what is the open-plan kitchen really? We will break it down for you.

The open-concept kitchen explained

The basic plan of an open-concept kitchen is a kitchen without barriers between the kitchen and living room area. In such a layout where the kitchen, dining area and living room are not clearly defined, the area is typically referred to as the great room. While the divided kitchen has been around for as long as house building has existed, the open plan kitchen is a fairly old concept as well. It started gaining fans in the 90s and has since become a part of the modern home.

Benefits of this kind of design

To begin with, it is one of those kitchen plans that will make the space look much larger than it actually is. It is a solution that can do wonders for your small kitchen by creating space. It also reduces the foot traffic and you can forget about people bumping into each other as they make their way into the kitchen.

An open-concept kitchen is also one way cut the distance between living areas so that everyone enjoys family even when in the kitchen. The kids could be doing their homework as you prep for dinner with daddy flipping through the channels and no one would feel left out of place. It is a kitchen style that really promotes the feel of family.

An open plan kitchen also makes the area brighter giving your living room the brilliant appearance it needs. There is a lot you can do with such a space even with the window treatments and carpeting. This is the kind of space to add accent lighting because you will never need too much light even in the night.

Home resale value

When it comes to the resale value of your home, a kitchen remodel that incorporates an open plan kitchen can skyrocket the value of your home recouping the cost of the remodel easy. The kitchen design is popular and that's one of the reasons it is such a plus. Most homebuyers will go ahead and change the look of the kitchen just to get this design.

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