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16 Jul 19

You have always been able to move around your bathroom without a problem and everything was always within reach but things can change quickly when you have some type of mobility problem. To make things safer for yourself, you may need to move things around so that you can use your bathroom again. This is the same thing you may have to do if you have a senior in the home and want them to age in comfort.

Here are ways to make movement easier without having to get a full bathroom remodel;

1. Lower the shelves

Overstretching to get to the items higher up on the shelves is risking a slip that could worsen your injury. Low shelving means everything is just around you and you don't have to reach out too far to get to your medicine and toiletries.

2. Non-slip material for your bath mats

Bath mats with non-slip material will do you a lot of good if placed in areas that tend to get wet and slippery. Place them around the sink and bath so that spills don't make the area slippery. Make sure they are all fitted securely to increase traction.

3. Change the doorknobs and replace them with handles

Doorknobs can be hard to grip, making it unnecessarily hard to access the rooms in your house. To solve this problem, get a professional to install lever-style handles and mechanisms wherever possible. You shouldn't stop at door handles; use this same technique for taps that are hard to turn. Lever handles for your taps shouldn't cost you that much, and the labor cost is just as cheap so you can do it as soon as you decide to move ahead with the idea.  

4. Improve the lighting in your bathroom

Sometimes, tripping hazards and obstacles are only so because you can't see well. Consider making the house better lit so that you can see well in all areas of the house during the night. We all like accent lighting but it has to go if it keeps you tripping over your furniture and fixtures. It is a simple solution for a problem that could bring about adverse effects.

5. Grab bars and rails help

It is an easy and cost-effective way to make sure you don't ever have to worry about tripping in the bathroom. This is especially useful for seniors who might need something to hold on to wherever they are in the house. Install rails and grab bars in area such as the bathtub, shower and toilet so that using these areas is much easier for the elderly or those with injuries that hamper their movement. The caregivers will also find the grab bars useful as they carry on with their work of taking care of the seniors.

If you are thinking of a full bathroom remodel tied around easier mobility in the bathroom, then the two main concerns are giving your loved one more independence in the bathroom and easing things for yourself as the caregiver. There are a lot of cost-effective ways like the ones outlined above but, in some cases, you may have to spend more in case you are getting new bathroom vanities or changing the type of bathtub. Either way, such renovations are always worth every penny you spend.

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