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20 May 19

When we think of a trend and feel the sweeping need to take part in it, we seldom stop to think about the repercussions that could follow. Today, a kitchen remodel includes a lot of well-thought out designs. In this age, we have managed to merge style with convenience better than ever before. Cabinets and all other fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom have be changed in ways that were unimaginable back in the day. In this piece, we look into the trending styles as well as their pros and downsides.

The concept of an open kitchen

This is a trend that has become one of the symbols of sophisticated and up-to-speed design. For more than a few years now, the open kitchen concept has ruled as the number one favorite for the typical kitchen remodel.

Pros: It allows you to engage with your guests much better and puts paid to the isolation of a separate kitchen. It creates warm family ambience.

Cons: You will have to contend with a lot of interruptions from the person in the kitchen at times when you can do without them. An open concept is not for those who would rather have their time uninterrupted. You will also be affected by any odors that may be coming from the kitchen. The smells from your cooking are likely to get absorbed into your furniture’s upholstery.

Pot fillers

If your sink is not close to the stove, then a pot filler is a novel way to fill your large pots right at the stove. These are however finding it hard to move from a luxury to a necessity.

Pros: A facet right above the stove is quite convenient. You won’t have to move around the kitchen with pots filled with water so it’s nice to have in your kitchen.

Cons: The installation can prove costly as you will have to cater for plumbing. The faucet will always need immediate repair as you cannot have a dripping faucet above the stove. You also have to think about carrying that pot of pasta across the kitchen when it’s steaming hot.

Farmhouse sink

The farmhouse sink adds charm to your kitchen, and is also very utilitarian with a variety of materials to choose from.

Pros: Aside from its appeal, the deep basin can accommodate the largest of pots for easy scrubbing, or when thawing. These are mounted under the counter so cleaning them is an easy task that should take a matter of minutes to do well and remove gunk.

Cons: They can be problematic when you are cleaning dishes without a place to rinse. Of course, you could easily sort this out by getting an extra basin. These also come at a premium and may be susceptible to chipping depending on the material they are made from.

There are a lot of trends popping up every so often but each also comes with downsides that you may have to think about. Talk things though with your contractor to find out what works for you.


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