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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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  • Welcome to Hoffman

    Your Kitchen & Bath Design Source


12 May 19

When it’s time for a kitchen remodel, there is a lot of excitement. With all the prospects for décor and fixtures, it is totally understandable if you are torn between different choices for different sections. There are questions you should ask yourself that should help you choose the design you like and will also help you avoid ideas that look attractive but will work against your vision for your brand-new kitchen. Here are some questions that will help you out with your list of must-haves;

What role does technology play in your life?

These, days artificial intelligence is touted as the next hot item to have in your home. From sophisticated alarm systems, to smart thermostats and gadgets to control ambient lighting and background music, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy. These new technologies are a feature you should discuss with your contractor well before you get into the kitchen remodel. This way you can decide what new and hi-tech features to incorporate into your design.

Who are you NOT?

Knowing who you aren’t is just as important as knowing what type of person you are. You should be able to define what patterns and colors you absolutely dislike. It all has to do with you being totally in sync with your contractor. This is especially important when choosing what materials to use. Do you want quartz or granite on your countertops? Or would you rather go for soapstone? All this should be settled when you and the contractor are on the same page about the project’s requirements.

What budget do you have to work with?

There is a big difference between what you want to spend and what you can spend. Often times, this discrepancy is overlooked-to the peril of the homeowner. There is also the issue of overly developing your house so that it ranges in a price higher than other houses in the neighborhood. This will work against you as you may be unable to recoup the excess upon resale.

How well do you have the remodel worked out?

There is the case of a well-informed homeowner who knows exactly what they want and how to get it. On the other hand, you have the homeowner with a general idea of what should be. The latter is more common than the former thus often times the homeowner needs someone to walk them through the specifics of what they want. You should know early enough what type of homeowner you are.

Once you have these and any other concerns sorted out, you can then start on the renovation work. Homeowners are always advised to go for contractors with a prior history of delivering results. Incompetent workmanship could spoil the best vision and reduce it to a less appealing form. You as the homeowner should have fun through the process as you see different aspects of your grand idea materialize. That’s how you know you have tackled all the pertinent questions about your remodel.

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