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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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30 Apr 19

Having a well-organized kitchen is the ultimate desire for any homeowner. With a functional kitchen, you can efficiently cook.

Here is how to keep your kitchen looking superb;

  1. Logical storage

    You need to store each item in its respective place so as to have an orderly kitchen. Often-used such as spoons and plates should be the easiest to access while those rarely used such as turkey carving tools should be kept in higher cabinets. For easy location of items, group them to tools that go hand in hand e.g. eggs with the frying pan.

  2. Have work-zones

    It’s advisable to have a work space for every kitchen item from the oven, to the fridge and sink. This makes it comfortable for the cook to maneuver around. Ensure your store items in their related zone, for example, the sink and dishwasher. If you are cooking with a partner, have more than one prep zone.

  3. Spacious pantry space

    To easily access something, it has to be visible. Strive to have a maximized pantry space where you can reach everything. Get crafty by creating can holders from magazine racks, which makes it easier to separate different pastries.

  4. Fridge storage

    Don’t throw anything and everything in the fridge without carefully deciding where different foodstuffs should be kept. An example is dairy products-they last longer when kept where the temperature is most constant while meat is best kept where its leaks cannot contaminate other foods.

  5. Declutter

    Get read of any non-useful stuff you have in your kitchen. This could be old newspapers, beer or soda bottles and broken or old appliances If you need to keep them, then move them from the counter to a designated place where there will prevent your kitchen from looking stuffy.

  6. Get different storage solutions

    You can always come up with ways of storing your items such as racks and hooks for hanging pans. Get shelves to place foodstuffs and commonly used utensils. A rolling kitchen cart could come in handy for holding cooking supplies.

  7. Constantly keep your sink clear of dirty dishes.

    Develop a habit of cleaning dirty dishes at least two times a day. The importance of this in kitchen organization is that it keeps your counter clear of junk. It also prevents pesky pests such as cockroaches from invading your kitchen.

  8. Arrange your cook books

    You can choose to keep all your cook books aligned in a counter or at the bottom of the kitchen cart. You can also opt for shelves, which are a bonus storage for dishes.

  9. Keep it going

Constantly go through your kitchen to ensure everything is in its perfect place. Discover areas that need re-evaluation and re-decoration each time. Fix any broken items that are useful and get rid of those that are out of service.

For, designer shelves, racks, pantries, cabinets or whatever you need to organize your kitchen, feel free to give us a call. We promise to deliver.







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