• Welcome to Hoffman

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  • Welcome to Hoffman

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  • Welcome to Hoffman

    Your Kitchen & Bath Design Source


17 Jun 19

The most important property improvements are the ones that increase your home’s value. If you hope to sell your home and are looking for simple improvements that could increase its resale value and give you an edge during the selling process, below are some pointers in the right direction;

  1. Upgrade your garage door

    Using high quality garage door materials is a definite win for anyone seeking to resale their property. Modern garage doors are built from durable sources such as wood, aluminum, steel and composite materials. They are also fitted with energy-saving glazing and insulation. 

  2. Enhance your home’s exterior

    To get a great return on your investment, do not neglect the exterior as it’s the first thing that attracts a buyer. Consider using a manufactured stone veneer, which is not a stone at all. It is however installed the same way as a stone and has the same appearance. The manufactured stone veneer is a man-made composite that’s craftily shaped in molds. You can do a simple portion of your home like the front entryway and see how much of a difference it will make.

    Improve your backyard

    Wondering what you can do to enhance the beauty of your old, boring backyard? How about adding a wood deck?  A composite deck or backyard patio could yield a great return. For an even higher return, use a wood deck addition, which will give an even more attractive return.

  3. Enhancing the kitchen’s appearance

    The kitchen is the heart of a home and is one of the rooms often surveyed by buyers to determine whether the asking price is worth it. You can easily play around with the kitchen by:

    • Installing new countertops
    • Re-painting cabinets with appealing colors
    • Adding stainless steel appliances
    • Updating the sink, faucet and flooring


  4. Updating siding and windows

    No one would be attracted to a house that has an old and damaged siding. To get a charming look that will instantly increase your home’s resale value, how about renovating the siding and windows with low-energy vinyl window replacements?

  5. Renovate your bathroom

Every home buyer is seeking a comfortable and stylish bathroom and renovating yours is likely to get you a surge in interest. Different ways of improving your  bathroom include;

  • Widening doorways for wheelchairs, which comes in handy for physically disabled people
  • Adding a walk-in shower
  • Putting support bars in place
  • Upgrading tiles, fixtures and counters

For the best ROI, it’s advisable to conduct extensive research based on where you live since the market value of property tends to fluctuate depending on the location. If you are not sure and need help or advice regarding home renovations, we are just a call or email away.


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