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30 May 19

The countertop is an important area of the kitchen; that much we can agree on. So, why not choose a trendy look for this part of the kitchen that sees so much action? In addition, your countertop bears the heavy responsibility of setting a theme for the rest of the kitchen when it’s time for a kitchen remodel.

You owe it to yourself to consider the material you will be using for your kitchen countertops. Below is a rundown of the latest trends for countertops for you to look through and find something pleasing (as you may have guessed, the trends are largely inspired by the type of material and color choices).

  1. Polished vs Honed

    There has been a design movement focusing more on tactile surface and texture, which might as well be applied to countertops. Leather and honed surfaces are popular and can be applied on materials like quartz, marble and granite. Polished surfaces are still the most popular even though the other two have their own advantages.

    The honed approach is one with a matte finish that has very little shine or none at all. The look generally depends on the type of stone you pick, but the surface should be smooth will little sheen. Marble is one stone that will look good with this kind of finish because it does not glisten, therefore would hide scratches well.

  2. Quarts will always be a favorite

    On its arrival on the home décor scene, quartz came as a high-end finish that could be used in place of granite. The latter had for years dominated as the stone of choice for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities mostly due to its durability, form and sophisticated finish. The downside, however, is its porousness, meaning it stains easily, which makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. Quartz does not need resealing, and so brings forth a highly hygienic countertop.

    There is an array of styles for those interested in this type of finish. The techniques used today can even give the stone a natural look. Manufactures have also adopted the matte finish, and future improvements suggest that quartz will remain one of the top choices for a long while going forward.

  3. Countertops with charming appeal and patterns

The numbers suggest that homeowners are abandoning the drab countertops of old and choosing ones with oozing character. This is encouraged even further by the developing technologies applied these days. The creation of interesting patterns for veins in the stone, giving quartz a natural appearance is a definite hit.

These varying patterns are not used in isolation as other kitchen elements like the walls, flooring, cabinetry and the likes are designed in the same way. The new styles have transformed the average kitchen into an expressive room that exhibits profound style.

There are many other styles doing rounds around kitchens, with the kitchen remodel turned into an event of sorts. What’s more, you can work with your interior designer of choice to personalize these styles in many ways.

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