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23 Apr 19

A walk-in shower is completely or partially open; it has no doors or curtains which means you can literally walk into it. Most of them are glass-made and have no enclosure. A modern bathtub on the other hand is made of porcelain, thermoformed acrylic or enameled steel, just to mention a few. It may be a large or small container that holds water depending on the owners’ preference. This are the factors to consider before going for either;

  1. Consider how much space you’ve got

    If your bathroom is the small type, then a walk-in shower is ideal. This is because it takes an average of 12 square feet as compared to a standard tub which takes roughly 15 square feet.

  2. Who frequently uses the bathroom?

    For those with toddlers, then the bathtub is the more ideal. However, for the elderly and disabled, walk-ins are most preferred since it’s easy to walk into and out of them. On the other hand, homeowners want a place they can get cozy and relax after a long day, and bath tubs offer this comfort.

  3. Efficiency

    The walk-in shower is a plus for homeowners as it uses around 20 gallons as compared to the bathtub which uses close to 30 gallons. If you are looking to save money, the walk-in shower is a bonus.

  4. How much are you planning to spend?

    Walk-in showers cost double the price of bathtubs.


  5. Versatility in design and appearance

    Walk-in showers have a variety of designs, such as the one with glass doors and walls. Bathtubs also come in different designs. Both can elevate the beauty of the bathroom.

  6. Convenience

    Bathtubs are relaxing and comforting, so for those not in a rush to get out of the bathroom, this is an ideal choice. If you want a quicker alternative to bathing, then the walk-in shower will best suit you.

  7. Cleaning

    For the cleaning freaks, both bathroom designs are difficult to clean. Walk-ins are mostly made of glass doors which require constant care and attention while cleaning. A bathtub accumulates dust and hair if not cleaned regularly. A large tub can be difficult to reach around.

  8. What’s trending?

    Most home buyers don’t like shower-only homes as some might have toddlers. A bathtub is also convenient when the owner needs a cozy relaxing zone.

  9. Health benefits

Most bathtubs have room for things like green tea and anti-aging detox, which helps in hydration, skin softening, and mood elevation. Walk-in showers sooth sore muscles and raise oxytocin levels to relieve stress.


If you need any of the two kinds of bathrooms, feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you make an informed choice based on your taste, budget, family living and space.

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