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Solid Surface Bathroom Shower

Choosing a material for your bathroom shower is an important decision and, certainly, cosmetics is a key part of that decision. Functionality and durability must also be considered, however, when choosing a product for an area of your home that is constantly wet, such as a bathroom shower. At Hoffman Kitchen & Bath, we do not believe in covering up a problem with a “cookie cutter” product that’s installed in a matter of hours. Our approach is different. And we believe our approach is better. We start by removing all the old materials, including water-damaged sheetrock, and we begin at the studs. We prefer to utilize full sheet material, such as Aztec Marble,Natural Quartz, Acrylic Solid Surface and Artisan Natural Stone, as opposed to tile, in order to eliminate grout lines and to ensure a watertight bathroom shower that will last for years to come. If you are in the market to replace your bathroom shower, visit a Hoffman Kitchen & Bath showroom in either Tulsa, Oklahoma City, or Northwest Arkansas and let us show you that doing it right doesn’t have to cost more.

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