Saratoga Soapstone

When you consider that a traditional use of soapstone was laboratory table tops in chemistry labs due to its resistance to chemicals you rest assured that it can take just about anything you can throw at it in the bath vanity environment. While not known for its high abrasion resistance like granite or marble, Saratoga Soapstone is known for its high resistance to moisture making it a great choice for bath vanity countertops. In fact, its softness allows it to actually be sanded by wood working abrasion techniques should it require repairing from accidental damage. Soapstone can also be waxed, or oiled to give some colors of soapstone a more dramatic appearance. Let your imagination run free when choosing one of Hoffman Kitchen & Bath's exclusive Saratoga Soapstone® colors. Saratoga Soapstone® is sold exclusively in Oklahoma and Northwest Arkansas by Hoffman's Kitchen & Bath.

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